At Merinda State School we use a school wide social skills program called FRIENDS. In Prep we talk about promoting resilience, nuturing others, being safe, respectful and responsible. Along the way we identify feelings and learn positive ways to play and talk to others. This links to our School Wide Positive Behaviour management and clearly articulates what is expected at school. The program also forms part of our Kids Matter framework which is to promote healthy wellbeing in all children. Our School Wide Behaviour Matrix identifies expected behaviours at school and maps out the process, responsibilities and consequences so that a consistent approach is embedded across our school. These rules are focused on each week and positively reinforced through our Merinda Magic 8, Dojo points, awards and Gotcha tickets. You will find a copy of all this information on the Behaviour wall display as you enter the Prep classroom.  Please help reinforce our weekly school rules with your child. A copy can be found below.


Weekly Behaviour and FRIENDS rule

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