Back to school – term 2

Wow! Looking back through all our photos of term 1 events I realise that we are definitely super busy little bees in the Prep room. Our reading and writing has improved a lot from the start to end of term, so I am very excited to see how far you can go by the end of this term. Every student achieved their term 1 goals which means they have moved up a space on our rainbow goals chart – when you reach the last space at the rainbow we have a ‘special celebration.’ Our term 2 goals are set and these along with all our great work will be presented to mums and dads next week during Parent teacher meetings. A note for meeting times will be sent home soon. This week is a shorter,  3 day week due to the fall of Easter Monday and Anzac day Friday. Tuesday is our School Behaviour Audit. All Merinda State School students are encouraged to participate and represent our school in the Bowen Anzac march, starting at 9am on Friday morning. Please wear full school uniform and a hat.

I am very excited to hear everyone’s first school holiday stories and where that Green sheep has travelled! Mrs P has been eating too much Easter chocolate but enjoyed a lovely rest after my week away in Mackay. The Take the Lead experience was fantastic and I learnt a lot during my time away. The next Bowen Independent school liftout will be published soon so keep an eye out as I have highlighted our fabulous DanceFever Showcase event.

Our school rule for week 1 is: Be safe – I walk on concrete. Our FRIENDS letter is  N  for Nurture.

I hope everyone had a hopping good time this Easter break and I look forward to our parent meetings next week.

Mrs P