Parent Helpers

imagesWe love helpers in our classroom! Have a look at our weekly timetable to see when best suits you to come in and help. Volunteering your time at school in the classroom or even with school events is rewarding for both you and your child. It develops a sense of community in the school and you are actively involved with your child’s learning journey. If you are a busy bee at work, then talk to Mrs P about other ways you can offer help to us:

* Laminating

*Cut and paste worksheets


*Cooking and gardening skills


*Joining the school P&C committee.

*Discos and after school hours activities.

The times we most desire extra helpers in the classroom, is during our literacy rotations from 9am – 10am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

During our numeracy rotations from 12pm – 1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Any other time you can offer is great. If you have an area of expertise we would love you to visit and share you talents!!

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