Andy Jones Rocks!

Our Andy Jones author show was definitely a good start to launch into book week. We had dancing, music, funny sounds, voice recorders, action and even some superstar performers on stage today. Thanks to Mrs Piggott for being a good sport and showing us her belly dancing routine! We loved it! Mr C busted his groovy moves. Ethan, Savannah & Byron (smurf) for being the best hip hoppers ever! Now don’t forget Mrs Tully & Mrs P who were the Macarena stars! Phew, I’m getting tired just thinking about how much fun we had. Definitely a highly entertaining show and I’m looking forward to purchasing Andy Jones’ books “Fartictionary” and “Burpictionary” – maybe a little old for our Preps just yet.



Book Week excursion

Next Monday the 18th we have an excursion to Bowen State School for an author entertainer. This is part of our book week celebrations next week. The cost is $6 and must be paid and permission note returned by Monday. Don’t forget that on Thursday we have our Book Week parade and there will be prizes for best dressed boy and girl at our parade on a Thursday morning. Come dressed on Thursday as your favourite book character 🐛

Read to succeed

I’ve been testing all our Preps reading levels and am much delighted with everyone’s success in achieving their learning goals. Our Preppies reading I’d on fire! Great work everyone, keep up the daily reading 😃

Wakakirri 2014

Yesterday and today I had the privilege of taking students in grades 3-7 to Mackay where they performed in the 2014 Wakakirri event. This is a performing arts opportunity where students perform a story dance on the big stage at Mackay Entertainment centre. Mrs Tully thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Prep class on Friday and said everyone was working hard to earn her ‘moustache’ stickers.
The exciting news is that Merinda students received the Public Speaking award at Wakakirri – winning 1 of 3 awards given. 9 schools competed. This is the type of school activity our Preps can look forward to in their future years of school. Well done Merinda!

Circus Circus Circus

Wow! What an amazing job you all did last Wednesday at our Circus showcase. Your costumes were fabulous, the dancing was splendid and your circus tricks really did ooh, aaah and giggle the audience! Mrs P was so busy clowning about, I forgot to take some individual photos. Parents if any of you have a photo of your child dressed up in their circus costume please email to me at
See if you recognise these two clowns below 😜





Avoiding germs

Unfortunately we have a number if students in class and the school who have been a little unwell. Even Mrs P was away yesterday with a sore head! We are reminding Prep students to wash their hands frequently at school and blow noses on tissues regularly.