Parent Helpers!

We are well into reading now in the Prep room! Keep practising your magic words (just start on golden word page only) and practise these words by sight. When you know all your Golden words you will receive an award on Parade and there will be a colour certificate to obtain every colour page you achieve right up until 300 words! Wow!

Many of the boys and girls in our class are already on Green SSP colour level. Please help your child to know the sounds, how to write them and how to read simple words made from the sounds on this level. e.g. sat, tap, pin, pants, Santa, sip, tin, it, in, is, sit, tip, pit, nip, spin, pants. You can see how already children can read and write sentences using these speech sound combinations to make words and simple sentences.

Today we were creating sentences like “She is in the tin” and “The ant sat on the pan.” Encourage your child to write words and simple sentences everyday using the speech sounds they know. Practise writing and reading your sentences!

We need more helpers every day! Especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 9-10 for our reading and spelling group sessions. The more adult helpers the better ratio of support we can provide to students. Come in and learn yourself and assist your child’s learning journey.

Also we have a massive amount of laminating and binding of books to complete to set up our new home reader system. If you are free anytime to help with this please see Mrs P. Each Friday afternoon between 1:30 – 3pm, Mrs Bruce works in the library covering books, accessioning, returning and upkeeping our library. If you have some time to spare during a Friday afternoon we would love a group of helpers to come and work in the library helping with books and working though our laminating for the new reader system.

Finally I am seeking volunteers who can sew, garden and cook for some upcoming events later in the term. Please let me know if you are interested/available to do either.

Please send in any used magazines that would be suitable for our Preps to cut and paste when playing speech sound detective each day – we need lots.

Other items we are searching for:  *A couch for our reading corner     *Compost bin with lid     *Raised garden beds     *Worms and soil for a worm garden       *Fish tank accessories      *Safe, climbing playground equipment to add to our playground area    – perhaps you have one of these items at home that you don’t use anymore and  could be donated to our class. Dads, we need you to come in for some gardening fun!

“Many hands make light work” – John Heywood

Mrs P


Congratulations to our 1st class dojo champion – Archer!


Great work Archie on being selected as this weeks first Prep dojo champion for 2014. Archie has been a friend to everyone in our classroom and is always on task. Mrs P is very proud of the whole class who are making a big effort to listen and follow directions. We had a very tired little group on Friday with a few asleep on the floor by the afternoon! Rest up and enjoy the weekend with your family.

Highlights this week: Making our rainbow collage and clouds, Music and HPE lessons, Lachlan’s 5th Birthday, the Pout Pout fish book and earning more smileys than frownies!!!!!

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – Maya Angelou

Mrs P imagesCAJUG3NK



First week Celebrations!

RAINBOW playdoughWow! What a busy and exciting week – cylcone and all! We definitely will not forget your first week of Prep in 2014. I am very proud of how well our class has settled into the new routine. The mornings have been pleasant with lots of play experiences with friends,  mums and dads. I am sure this will continue as we move into homework transition over the coming week. During week 2 I will continue our assessments and review each child individually so we can map out exactly where their learning needs are and future goals. More about goal setting in the not too distant future.

Boys and girls – Keep practising using your duck hands and speaking in speech sounds d/u/ck, p/a/n, s/i/p, s/i/t, p/a/n/t/s

This weeks events:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Please remember to return your swimming permission note and medical forms to the administration this week.                                                                                                                Library borrowing will occur each Friday in Prep. Please remember to return library books by the following Friday, placing them in your child’s BEE folder (Bring Everything Everyday).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       BEE folders will be sent home on Monday afternoon. Please keep everything inside these folders and send to school each day with your child – all notes, monies, readers, library books etc can be kept inside these cases. If your child is not attending Homework centre (between 8:30-9:00am each morning) please take the time to assist them with activities and nightly reading at home. More information about Homework will be clarified at our Parent Information Night in week 3.     

               “Without the rain, there would never be any rainbows”

 Mrs P