Congratulations to this weeks award recipients

A lot of certificates were awarded at our Friday afternoon parade. Congratulations to all Preps who earned one. Keep reading everyday and practising your words. A copy of our new duck level words will be sent home in BEE folders next week for students to practise. Our duck levels are awarded for correct spelling with a focus on the words coded using our duck hands. I hope everyone has a lovely, rested weekend.
Mrs P


Class certificates

Please let Mrs P know if your child is missing any colour level certificate they may have passed while learning sight words this year. I try to keep record of all certificates attained but if I have missed one let me know so I can get these printed and organised before the end of the term. You child  should have a collection of certificates for sight word levels achieved to date, any student of week certificates, Bronze or Silver school level awards, SSP colour levels achieved (Green, Purple, Yellow or Blue) and our new SSP Duck Level awards which are given to students who can not only read these coded sight words but spell them and use their duck hands too! Miss Emma from SSP has 7 levels to achieve for duck level words which will equate to correct coding and spelling of 440 words – fantastic!

20140717-203642.jpg Mrs P

Week 5 – Bring a teddy to school

This week in mathematics we will be designing a house suitable for a teddy. Please help your child find a suitable teddy at home (not too big) that we can easily fit inside a shoebox. Mrs P will have some spares if anyone does not have a small teddy or equivalent small soft toy to bring to school. Students may bring these tomorrow (Monday) or anyday this week – we will use them each day but especially need all teddies in by Friday for our final house constructions. We will also be seeking boxes (larger than a shoebox) to house our teddy inside. Teddy constructions will be lots of fun this week!

20140724-162957.jpgMrs P

What a week!

As you all know Mrs P is currently acting Principal. I am enjoying my new role but particularly enjoyed seeing how much Prep has learnt on Friday when I had a full day on class. With all the busy activities in the last week and more to come over the next two weeks, we definitely are busy little vegemites. All our class time is focusing on our final term assessments and revision of key concepts over the next two weeks. It is very important that children attend school every day which has been tricky with all the flu symptoms passing around of late. Please remember to call the office and let us know if your child will be away so their absence is not unexplained. Our favourite event last week was the Wombat Stew excursion on Wednesday. Mrs Pirie and the children said it was fabulous! On Thursday students were very engaged with the CSIRO lab on legs science activities which was full of fun and interesting experiments. Photos coming soon! Mrs P

New school garden project





Check out our new school garden area. All cleaned up, the old greenhouse removed, new garden frames, soil in and ready for plants and mulch. We will be having a school garden day on Thursday 18th September. We are asking mums and dads to get involved on this day and help. Each class will have a designated garden to mend in the school. With some weeding, mulch and a good water help us replenish our school gardens. On this day students and families helping are asked to wear sunsafe gardening clothes, garden gloves, a broad brimmed hat and suncream. Parents helping who have a wheelbarrow and shovel at home we ask that you bring this along too! There will be a sausage sizzle available for lunch this day and an afternoon of games and activities from 1:30-3pm. Hope to see you there!

Andy Jones Rocks!

Our Andy Jones author show was definitely a good start to launch into book week. We had dancing, music, funny sounds, voice recorders, action and even some superstar performers on stage today. Thanks to Mrs Piggott for being a good sport and showing us her belly dancing routine! We loved it! Mr C busted his groovy moves. Ethan, Savannah & Byron (smurf) for being the best hip hoppers ever! Now don’t forget Mrs Tully & Mrs P who were the Macarena stars! Phew, I’m getting tired just thinking about how much fun we had. Definitely a highly entertaining show and I’m looking forward to purchasing Andy Jones’ books “Fartictionary” and “Burpictionary” – maybe a little old for our Preps just yet.