What a week!

As you all know Mrs P is currently acting Principal. I am enjoying my new role but particularly enjoyed seeing how much Prep has learnt on Friday when I had a full day on class. With all the busy activities in the last week and more to come over the next two weeks, we definitely are busy little vegemites. All our class time is focusing on our final term assessments and revision of key concepts over the next two weeks. It is very important that children attend school every day which has been tricky with all the flu symptoms passing around of late. Please remember to call the office and let us know if your child will be away so their absence is not unexplained. Our favourite event last week was the Wombat Stew excursion on Wednesday. Mrs Pirie and the children said it was fabulous! On Thursday students were very engaged with the CSIRO lab on legs science activities which was full of fun and interesting experiments. Photos coming soon! Mrs P

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